I claim nothing original in this circuit. It combines what to me are the best parts of two or three z-match tuners. One most often sees a circuit similar to this with a red LED for match indication. I tried hard to get used to watching for changes in light intensity and it simply didn’t work for me. I was and am afraid I will blow the final before I can achieve a proper match. But I have found that I can see a tiny meter deflection much more quickly and certainly than I can see an LED dim or brighten. Hence, the meter instead of an LED in the above circuit.

A few years ago I ran across two old CB SWR meters at a flea market for a dollar apiece. One of them is shown at left. Figuring the connectors alone were worth more than a dollar, I bought both of them. I ran across them a while back in looking through some of my older stuff and realized the makings of a tuner were right there: the connectors, the meter, a pot for adjusting meter deflection, and a nice little case to boot. The tuner shown below was built up from the second of the two CB devices. It was a little longer than the one in the photo at left which is a good thing because I don’t think I could have put everything in a smaller enclosure. Anyway, following are photos of the tuner I came up with.